Southlands Junior Club

Evenings with Top Man Josh ...

COME and join us at Southlands Junior Club this autumn and make the most of Friday evenings as we join in a series of fun Bible-based evenings under the title of Top Man Josh.

We will be using games, activities, drama and videoclips as we explore some of the adventures, scrapes and joys experienced by a nation on the move led by a man called Joshua.

We are also looking at plans for a day outing to Hull which might include time at The Deep.

The club runs from 6.15pm to 8.00pm starting on 8th September and is for anyone in School Years 3, 4, 5 or 6, or slightly older. There is a subscription of £1 a week which is payable on arrival. We hope members will bring their friends along as well, and the same charges will apply to them.

Last summer we had a series of evenings with the title of Exciting Times as we looked at what happened to some of the Apostles after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

And on really hot summer evenings we were able to finish with water games on our car park.

A club outing to Filey on Saturday, 10th June, which included time at Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park as well as time on the beach went well - the weather was nowhere near as bad as forecast and we actually got some sunshine during the afternoon.

For further information contact senior voluntary worker Bob Lawrence by emailing him on or phoning him on 07850 482994.

Note: This page checked  and updated on 24th July, 2017.